And No Wild Horses Or Famine But Your Free Will  (2019)
  Duke, I Am Your Father  (2019)
  Please Let Me Explain  (2019)
  Trash Ballad   1 - 3 (2019) triptych
  The CIA Later Confirmed That the Easter Bunny Was NOT a Terrorist - I Repeat NOT a Terrorist  (2018)
  Rainy Days And Mondays  (2018)
  Norma Contemplating About Death  (2014)
  And I Became A Broken Chariot  (2015)
  Justice  (2019)
  Diamonds Are Forever  (2018)
  Goodbye, Cruel World  (2017)
  Bitch Please  (2019)
  I guess it’s fair to say I’m lonely  (2019)